How to Do If I Change Another Laptop for PCMTuner?

Question 1: I have changed laptop and pcmtuner need activate, how much charge?
Question 2: Is it possible to activate my account on a different machine. My laptop crashed on me this morning I bought a new one already. Who can help with this?
Question 3: my laptop is out of service, Can i install pcmtuner in another one?
Question 4: Can I download Pcmtuner in 2 laptops?
Question 5: How to install pcmtuner software on second laptop please? ask register too and have user is always active when enter email.
Question 6: Today i changed 2nd laptop for pcmtuner. I use the data I made in the 1st registration and it tells me that this user already exists! How can I use PCM tuner again with data from 1st register?
pcmtuner user not activated error
These are frequently asked questions about pcmtuner laptop.
1. There is no charge, but the software is locked to computer, you must contact support to change.
2. 2 solutions:
If you changed 2nd laptop for pcmtuner, contact of change of computer and we will activate the second.
Or try to register with an alternative email address on 2nd laptop.