List of ECUs that Do Not Work in PCMTuner Bench Mode 71

Here is the official list of known ECU’s that do not work /problematic in pcmtunerBench mode 71.

MED17.5.5 TC1766 UDS (high TPROT for TC1766)
MED17.1 TC1796 UDS (high TPROT for TC1796)
EDC17CP14 TC1796 TPROT11 (high TPROT for TC1796)
EDC17CP20 TC1796 TPROT10 UDS (high TPROT for TC1796)
EDC17CP51 (Cummins Software)
China ME17.8.8TC1728
China MED17.8.10 TC1728
For VAG group module 50 OBD can be used
Some EDC17 CP ecu;s require a 10uf/50uf/100uf from ECU to GPT0
Also, dependent on Canbus gateway on vehicle, some ECU’s on the bench may require a 120Kohm resistor between CANH and CANL (pullup on bus)

Module 53 known problems
All Volvo sid807Evo read and write Up 2012-2013 (ford protocol)
after 2013 this ecu has aa new password structure and will not work