Instruction PCMTuner Module 58 – VAG DSG/CVT

Information on using pcmtuner module 58 and the difference between OBD, and BOOT (Direct connection to TCU) and BSL. 
Credit to PCMTuner Marty.

How to Guide and Info:

Module 58, designed to work with the ECU, DSG and CVT. It supports writing on ” OBD ” (the main purpose – tuning), as well as work in BOOT mode (the main purpose – repair) – read and write memory of the processor, as well as external eeprom.

for BOOT mode, a direct connection to the gearbox connector is used, but without opening the ECU.

OBD work is supported for UDS variants of ECU, in OBD Identification is made, and ORI file used as calibration to be written,


DQ200 (0AM) [WR/CK]
DQ250C (02E) [RD/WR/CK]
DQ250E/F (02E) [WR/CK]
DQ200MQB/G2 (0CW) [WR/CK]
DQ250MQB (0D9) [WR/CK]
VL300/V30 (01J/0AN) [WR/CK]
VL381 (0AW) [WR/CK]
DL501/G2 (0B5) [WR/CK]
DQ500 (0BH/0BT) [RD/WR/CK] (reading when using a direct connection is made)

BOOT – Mode (please see pinouts here)

DQ200/MQB/G2 Boot (MICRO) [RD/WR/CK]
DQ200/MQB/G2 Boot (EEPROM) [RD/WR]
VL381 Boot (MICRO) [RD/WR/CK]
VL381 Boot (EEPROM) [RD/WR]
DL501/G2 Boot (MICRO) [RD/WR/CK]
DL501/G2 Boot (EEPROM) [RD/WR]

  • DQ200 – BOOT – all, OBD – all, except 0AM with K-line
  • DQ250 – BOOT – E/F/MQB, OBD – all
  • DQ500 – 0BT/0BH (no 0DL!) only OBD reading when using a direct connection
  • VL300/V30 – BSL – all, OBD – all, except KW1281
  • VL381 – all
  • DL501 – all


Work on OBD: as usual with other packages, there are no special features, in case of writing interruption, you can turn off the ignition, then just re-write . In the case of “bricking” unsuccessful you can rewrite in the BOOT MODE

Work BOOT mode

use a direct connection to the connector of the control UNIT, the switching power supply is carried out either manually or (recommended) by using the scheme of automatic power control, powered by L-line, the GT107 DSG breakout is highly recommended. In case of manual control, the entrance to the boot mode may not happen on the first attempt!!!

Read DQ500: only when connected directly! NOTE: the power supply must be switched manually, while only the ignition must be switched on or off (pin 15), the second contact must be connected constantly!

Operation in BSL with VL300 / V30: requires drilling a single hole in the minimum diameter cap in order to insert a needle into it. Needle through a resistor 1 kOhm is connected to the mass. It is mandatory to connect to-line and it is highly recommended to use auto power to quickly “feel” the pin on the Board. The photos below show the drilling location and the point on the Board where the needle should go.

Cloning procedure-read MICRO and EEPROM from “old” box, write MICRO and EEPROM to “new”.
pcmtuner module 48 dsg vct