PCMTuner Green vs Red Dongle

Is there any difference between green vs red usb dongle of pcmtuner?

The red dongle is linked to pcmtuner hardware.

The green dongleis purchased alone.

Both can be used with most pass thru hardware like tactrix or scanmatik.

The green dongle is compatible with ktm bench, ktm flash, ktmobd etc.

The red cannot work with other ktmbench.

  • What is the difference between PCMtuner and PCMtuner Dongle?

Pcmtuner is a complete hardware device with future expandability linked to the pcmtuner software suite (MG1 MD1 EDC16 etc). The dongle allows you to run the pcm flash modules etc
  • With only dongle I can have access too to online tuner account?
Yes, you can.
  • This dongle is very hot, is this normal?

It is normal because it is LED. PCMTuner team has removed the encrypted chip since June 2022, no more hot issues.

new red pcmtuner dongle

new red pcmtuner dongle

new green dongle

new green dongle