PCMTuner Unlock SIMOS 8.6 in BSL Mode

SIMOS 8.6 requires unlocking in BSL mode by the appropriate module.  BSL is usually boot mode for unlock. Same as PCR2.1.

How to work with blocks that require unlocking (PCR2.1, SIMOS8.6):

1) Check the current lock status in the car, if the check is disabled, you can go to read-write, otherwise follow the instructions
2) Remove the unit from the car, open it, transfer the processor to BSL mode using the connection below (PCR2.1, SIMOS8.6), the work as a whole as in the package 53 (you can use tools like powerbox, and you can do without them)


SIMOS8.6 Unlock pcmtuner pinout

pcmtuner unlock simos 8.6 1

pcmtuner unlock simos 8.6 2

Red – +12, Black – GND, Yellow – CAN-HIGH, Blue – CAN-LOW

3) Choose “SIMOS8.6 (EEPROM/UNLOCK/BSL) or PCR2.1 (EEPROM/UNLOCK/BSL)” depending of ECU type
4) Click Identification – save ECU data somewhere in a text file.
5) Click Read – save the EEPROM
6) Given that ECU is blocked, we perform Initialization once for PCR2.1 get something like this (for SIMOS8.6 status will not be displayed):


On this mission BSL complete. ECU can be closed and put in the car.

7) If you need to return the EEPROM content to its original location, you can select the previously saved file and use the write button.

Work with ECUs after unlocking (2.1, 8.6) or if it is not required (8.2, 8.4, 8.5)
It does not present any difficulties. It is important only to understand that when reading the unlocked ECU you get not full dump, but only calibrations. In this case, recording is possible only if the SOFTWARE version is the same. If ori file was taken from base ori files attached to the module, then there are no such restrictions, the ECU can be “updated”.


Audi A7 2012 2.8 fsi simos 8.6 unlock, after read/write simos8.6 with pcmtuner successfully.

all resistor 1 kom
pcmtuner unlock simos 8.6 3
pcmtuner unlock simos 8.6 4
pcmtuner unlock simos 8.6 5
pcmtuner unlock simos 8.6 6
pcmtuner unlock simos 8.6 7