Notes on VAG DQ500 Gearbox with PCMTuner

Tips to read VAG DQ500 gearbox withpcmtuner:

Use permanent 12V power on pin 15, so use a battery and connect to pin 15 and GND then connect pcmtuner cables as normal … so you have power and gnd from pcmtuner AND power and ground from another 12v source.

DQ500 pin 15 must be manually switched, other is permanent. most people build custom breakout to do this.
Here are notes on this …. DQ500 – 0BT/0BH (no 0DL SUPPORT!!) to Read DQ500: only when connected directly! NOTE: the power supply must be switched manually, while only the ignition must be switched on or off (pin 15), the second contact must be connected constantly. may require 120ohm pullup on can bus

built the resistor here, put between CANH and CANL

Tips to read VAG DQ500 gearbox with pcmtuner 1

pcmtuner VAG DQ500 0BT/0BH gearbox pinout
Tips to read VAG DQ500 gearbox with pcmtuner 2