How to Update PCMTuner Software?

PCMTuner software contains two parts:
  • PCMTuner to check wiring diagram and instructions
  • PCM-Flash to read/write ECUs

There are 2 types of updates:
The first being the pcmtuner front end, which is currently on its 1.2.6
The second of course is the actual pcm-flash application to read/write ECUs.

How to Update PCMTuner Software?

Pcmtuner software can be updated online continuously.
Software program will show you an Update available when a new version comes out.
Enable network connection. Press OK to begin updating the application.
How to Update PCMTuner Software 1

How to Update PCM-Flash software?

PCM-Flash software update is done thru buying a new USB dongle when the new version comes out or new hardware adapter set.

Current version 1.2.0.

How to Update PCMTuner Software 2

If pcm--flash asks to update to v1.2.5.

DON’T UPDATE pcm--flash software to v1.2.5 or higher version online.
How to Update PCMTuner Software 3