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VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool Alternative Solution of Original VAS 6154A Supports DoIP/CAN FD till 2023

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Product Description

VNCI 6154A Supports WIFI, USB and WLAN Connection.Replace VAS 6154a, Works for all VAG Brands from 1995 to 2023.It is Work with original driver, Don't need driver manager.
With 2-year hardware warranty
VNCI 6154A for VW Audi Skoda OBD2 Scanner Supports WiFi

VNCI 6154A Introduction

VNCI 6154A (red SVCI 6154A) is the OEM 6154A Diagnostic Adapter that is compatible with lastest service software.
It perfectly replaces VAS 5054A /VAS 6154A and added supports CANFD, and DOIP Protocol. VNCI 6154A is a universal diagnostic interface for the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group including VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT, Bentley, and Lamborghini.

VNCI 6154A Highlgiht:
  • Free license until 2030 year
  • Works for all VAG Brands from 1995 to 2023
  • With base station/hotspot mode switching button.
  • Supports WiFi, WLAN and USB Connection,WIFI Password:  12345678
  • Supports Win10/Win11 64bit systems.
  • Compatible with latest Service V23 and Engineering V17 after firmware upgrade
  •  VNCI 6154A Driver Download: rokwy.com/download/VNCI6154ADevMngrSetup.exe
  • Flashing of hidden features
  • Support all service and engineer function
  • Supports Online/Offline programming (with online account)
  • Not need any license for VNCI. Use normal installation with launcher. Running original drivers without any modifications. 
  • Compatible with Service V9.1.0, V10.0, V11.0, V23; Engineering: V14.1/V15.0/V16.0/ V17
  • V10 Download  Password: 6vi5ku
    V11 Download/ Engineering V14 Download
  • Service V23 and Engineering V17 download (keygen not included, $5 for activation. If need VNCI 6154A with 32G U disk, contact us)
  • V2.5 VNCI 6154A Device Manager Free Download
  • System Requirements:
  1.    Windows10 64-bit professional edition
  2.    4GB of memory
  3.    At least 100GB of free space on the C driver
FULL Multilanguage edition covered 22 languages:  English (GB), English (US), French (FR), German (DE), Spanish (ES), Russian (RU), Greek (GR), Danish (DK), Croatian (HR), Italian (I), Hungarian (HU), Netherlands (NL), Polish (PL), Portugal (PT), Romanian (RO), Slovenian (SLO), Finish (FI), Swedish (SW), Turkish (TR), Czech (CZ), Japanese (JP), Chinese (CN), Korean (KO).

VNCI 6154A Vehicle Coverage:
 VW 1995- 2023
Audi 1995- 2023
Seat 1995-2023
Skoda 1995-2023
Bentley 1995-2023
Lamborghini 1995-2023
MAN 1995-2023

vnci 6154a feature 1
vnci 6154a feature 2
VNCI 6154A Functions:
  • erasing errors
  • viewing current parameters in digital (up to 8) or graphic (up to 6) form
  • 100% support all protocols
  • Vehicle diagnosis
  • Online/Offline programming
  • Flashing of hidden features
  • injection system diagnostics
  • fuel system diagnostics
  • performing service procedures
  • Control unit software update
  • Online function
  • automatic recognition of the communication mode with the vehicle
  • reading and decoding fault codes
  • Flashing of hidden features
  • Coding and programming
  • activation of actuators
  • adaptation of blocks and executive units
  • coding of electronic components
  • restoring basic settings mode
  • special test modes (cylinder balance, etc.)
  • ability to save and print received data
  • automatic scanning of all electronic components of the car with the output of a summary report
  • Covering most of the models under Volkswagen Group's automotive brands
  • Support service v9.10/v10.0/v11.0+
  • Support Engineer v14.1/v15.0/v16.0+
  • 100% Support DoIP protocol 
  • 100% Support CAN FD protocol
  • Support KWP2000/UDS/CAN/K-Line......etc protocol
  • Support all service and engineer function
VNCI 6154A Update Log:

VNCI 6154A firmware update to
Fix bug: Failed to activate OCU module(J949)

VNCI 6154A Firmware Update to V1.1.2.2
Fixed: VW ID3/ID4/ID6 cannot refresh the battery monitoring control module (0637)

VNCI 6154 Manager update to V2.5
Firmware update to
(1) Solve the problem that individual data streams are not displayed when the TP20 protocol reads multiple data streams.
(2) Solve the problem of freezing when the web page is refreshed multiple times.

2. SVCI 6154A is not a J2534 Passthru because it loaded with a newer version of Firmware.
3. Compatible with the latest version

vnci 6154a odis software
New Type SVCI 6154A (Red VNCI 6154A) Fixed some bugs:
1. Fixed that Interface heats up after long time use (lost firmware)
2. Fully Supported CAN FD and Doip protocols
3.Compatible with Original all versions driver(Old 6154 only compatible with Original V24 Driver)
4. Upgrade to support service 9.1/10.0/V11.0 and Engineering V14.1/V15.1/V16
5. Directly use with software and no need for Driver Manager

NEW 6154 DOIP Version VS the normal 6154,What is the difference ?
DOIP 6154 can support DOIP diagnosis, especially it can do 2018 to 2020 new cars,
DOIP 6154 supports more protocols (CAN FD and DoIP) than the old 6154.

You don't need any program or manager to run this VCI.
The VCI loads the firmware very stable.
It works with WLAN and also with USB.

vnci 6154a vs other 6154
Three connection methods to adapt to various scenarios: USB connection mode, AP direct connection mode, Base station connection mode.
USB connection mode: connect VNCI 6154A with computer via USB cable
AP(WIFI) connection mode: Power to VNCI 6154A through the OBD port, and then connect VNCI 6154A with computer via device WIFI, similar to Bluetooth connection
Base station(WLAN ) connection mode: Add VNCI 6154A and current computer to the current WLAN, and then power to VNCI 6154A through the OBD port. 
vnci 6154a connection
vnci 6154a connection 2
VNCI 6154A Features:

– Estimated remaining times are shown for ECU flash operations.

– Diagnostic protocol contains interruptions of GFF sessions, extended measurement values, improved ECU communication view, used diagnostic hardware, connection type of diagnostic hardware, operating system, the hotfix used, and submissions of support requests

– The measured value display has been improved.
– Documents in GFF are displayed in separate windows.

– One message box will be shown at the beginning of the test drive mode.
– GFF hotfixes can be integrated during diagnostic sessions.

– Danger messages have been revised.
– Stopping diagnostic sessions may be interrupted.

– Automatic deletion of autosave diagnostic protocols after successful transmission.
– Selection of PassThru diagnostic hardware has been improved.

– Service Software update has been stabilized.
vnci 6154a function
The Following Vehicle Bus Systems are Supported
K line (ISO9141-2)
High-speed CAN (ISO 11898-2)
Low-speed CAN (ISO 11898-3)
J1850 (SAE)
vnci 6154a protocol
LED light instructions:
Orange: Mode
Green: Power
Red: DoIP communication
Blue: Connection status
Button: AP connect mode and Station connect mode switch button

vnci 6154a parameter

Adapter pinout:

  • Pin1: Terminator 15
  • Pin2:Not Connect
  • Pin3: DolP Rx+
  • Pin4: Terminator 31
  • Pin5: Terminator 31
  • Pin6: CAN HS-H
  • Pin7:K-Line
  • Pin8: DolP activate/CAN LS-H
  • Pin9: CAN LS-L
  • Pin10:Not Connect
  • Pin11: DolP Rx
  • Pin12: DoIP Tx+
  • Pin13: DoIP Tx
  • Pin14: CAN HS-L
  • Pin15: L-Line
  • Pin16: Terminator 30

Usage recommendation:
The original service or engineer software must be installed original software
The original driver can not be replaced, and the third-party driver can not be installed

Computer System requirements: 
Windows 10 64-bit professional edition 4GB of memory
At least 100GB of free space on the C driver

VNCI 6154A power supply methods:
OBD port 12 power supply
USB port 5v power supply

Packing List
1x VNCI 6154 Diagnosis Head
1x USB cable


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