VNCI JLR DoIP Jaguar Land Rover Diagnostic Interface Support DoIP Protocol WiFi and LAN connection

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Product Description

VNCI JLR DoIP Compatible with original SDD and Pathfinder software driver,Supports SDD, Pathfinder offline software,Supports JLR from 2005- present,Supports USB, WiFi and LAN connection.
VNCI JLR DoIP Jaguar Land Rover Diagnostic Interface Support DoIP Protocol


VNCI JLR DoIP, the new Jaguar Land Rover diagnostic tool, is compatible with the original software driver, and supports SDD, pathfinder offline software and online software, supports USB  connection, WIFI direct connection, and wireless LAN connection. It can completely replace the original JLR DoIP VCI. Equipment. Supports Jaguar Land Rover models from 2005 to the latest model year, and can perform basic diagnostic functions, fault guidance and search, module programming,  anti-theft matching and other functions for Jaguar Land Rover models.

VNCI JLR DOIP  Highlights:
  • With 2-year hardware warranty.
  • Supports SDD, Pathfinder offline software (in HDD)
  • Supports USB, WiFi and LAN connection   (WIFI Password:  12345678)
  • Supports online programming (requires online account)
  • Supports diagnostics of Jaguar and Land Rover cars from 2005 to 2023 that use the DoIP protocol.
  • Compatible with original SDD/pathfinder software and JLR VCI driver
  • Free download VNCI JLR Device Manager update tool (update firmware)
  • Software is not included. You can use original software or optional 128G SSD (SDD V164+ Pathfinder V374 offline version)

VNCI JLR DoIP Function
  • Support SDD, pathfinder offline software and online software
  • Supports diagnosis, programming and anti-theft matching functions of Jaguar  Land Rover models from 2005 to present 
  • Supports ECU flashing, CCF installation and modification, routine diagnostic code  reading and clearing, flash hiding and other functions 
  • Retrofitting and changing equipment (if access codes are available)
  • Programming and updating control units (need online account)
  • Reading, decoding, erasing fault codes from all electronic control units
  • Carrying out service operations and adaptations (electronic racks, air suspension, etc.)
  • Coding of control units
  • View and record operating parameters
  • Key programming (if access codes are available)
  • Carrying out tests
  • And other functions
vnci jlr doip functions
VNCI JLR Features

1. Compatible with original software drivers, no need for third-party software, plug and play 
2. Supports three connection methods: USB connection, WIFI direct connection, and wireless LAN connection 
3. Exquisite, compact and easy to carry
4. VNCI supports working with SDD software, Pathfinder and the latest JLR software; the software can be installed on operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
5. Supports data exchange via K, L, CAN, UDS, CAN-FD, DOIP buses and allows for complete diagnostics of all electronic systems of the vehicle.
6. The VNCI JLR adapter uses the original driver and supports official updates from the VNCI server.

vnci jlr doip connection
vnci jlr doip software

Packing include:
1set X VNCI JLR Doip Adapter
1set X USB cable
1set X Packing box
The price of the equipment does not include activation of SDD, Pathfinder, or access to Topix Cloud. They are purchased separately.
Additionally, you can purchase 128G software SSD.


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