Where to Find Foxflash OTB Adapter Pinouts?

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OTB 1.0 Adapter (OBD on Bench Adapter) for Foxflash Programmer New Release

April Sale OTB 1.0 Adapter (OBD on Bench Adapter) for Foxflash Programmer New Release

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The OTB1.0 adapter is suitable for foxFlash extended application engine and transmission computers, and is also suitable for ACM and DCM computer modules.This OTB adapter only work for Foxflash programmer.Ensure that foxFlash can be expanded to the OTB mode of BENCH PLUS in any OBD working mode.

Where to find foxflash OTB adapter pinouts?


Open the foxflash manager install folder there is a folder called ‘Document’.

The OTB pinout can be found in the document folder.

PDF format in 'Help' folder or check online version via browser.

find foxflash OTB adapter pinouts 1

Search desired ECU type, for example Mercedes CRD3.20

find foxflash OTB adapter pinouts 2

You will see bench pinout

find foxflash OTB adapter pinouts 3

With OTB adapter, only need to connect GND, VCC, CAN H and CAN L.

Just check his CAN H, CAN L, VCC, GND then back to OBD driver connect with OTB. Don’t need to connect GPT.

If have Kline you also need connect Kline.

find foxflash OTB adapter pinouts 4

For example:

Foxflash read and write Mercedes CRD3.x via OTB mode
Connect to foxflash OTB adapter
find foxflash OTB adapter pinouts 5
Connect OBD cable to OTB adapter and add 12v power
find foxflash OTB adapter pinouts 6
In foxflash car obd, select Mercedes then C calss, then CRD3.x
We will use the fast canbus driver
find foxflash OTB adapter pinouts 7
find foxflash OTB adapter pinouts 8
Video reference: